Schrödinger's Kittens

Author: John Gribbin
Series: Quantum Physics, Book 2
Paperback: 261 pages
ISBN: 1857994027
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Not content with describing a quantum physics thought experiment which gives a 50-50 chance of killing a cat, in his latest book John Gribbin introduces a new and even deadlier experiment. Instead of a single cat, there are now two kittens and a 100% chance that one of them will die! Don't worry it's only a thought experiment but it nicely illustrates the advances in our understanding of the quantum world since Gribbin wrote his first book on the topic more than a decade ago.


Author: Tim Jones, Mike Johnson
Paperback: 104 pages
ISBN: 184856435X
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A prequel to the new movie, which is itself a prequel, yet set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. Confused? Well time travel can do that to you! This graphic novel fills in the back story of Nero, the new bad guy, and ties up a few loose ends from the previous film. An interesting contribution to the franchise.

In Search of Schrödinger's Cat

Author: John Gribbin
Series: Quantum Physics, Book 1
Paperback: 302 pages
ISBN: 0552125555
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Is Schrödinger's paradoxical cat alive, dead, both indeterminate or is there in fact two cats one in each of two parallel worlds? This engaging book takes you through the development of quantum mechanics to explain, among many other things, Shrödinger's now famous thought experiment. A fascinating cross between history and science that is well worth reading.

A Village Lost and Found

Author: Brian May, Elena Vidal
Hardback: 240 pages
ISBN: 0711230390
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History is often flat. Whilst the advent of photography added a visual element to history, photos are still just flat 2D windows into the past. A Village Lost and Found is a history book like no other. Focusing solely on the stereoscopic photos of T. R. Williams' this book gives us a unique 3D view of 1850's England. Williams' seminal work, Scenes in our Village, of 59 photos depicted an idyllic but rapidly disappearing village way of life. This book collects all 59 photos together for probably the first time in 150 years and along with the included stereoscope give us a fantastic 3D view into a vanished past.

The Three Chimneys

Author: Shirley Spear
Paperback: 168 pages
ISBN: 1841831018
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With no restaurant experience Shirley and family made a life changing decision to buy the Three Chimneys restaurant on Skye. This book tells the tale of the rise of the restaurant from the days when making ends meet was difficult to the heady days of AA rosettes and numerous awards. One third autobiography, one third culinary essays, and one third recipes intertwine to produce a riveting read. If you ever visit Skye be sure to book a table!

The Hive

Author: Bee Wilson
Paperback: 308 pages
ISBN: 9780719565984
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This fascinating book details the intertwined history of the bee and the human race. Ever since man first discovered the sweet taste of honey we have been fascinated by bees. Most political theories have been described in terms of the bee hive, honey has been an important ingredient in many foods and drinks but what of the bees themselves. Are they colour blind? Can they talk? Find out the answers to these questions and lots more in this brilliant book.

Academic Stimulus Package

Author: Jorge Cham
Series: Piled Higher and Deeper, Book 4
Paperback: 184 pages
ISBN: 0972169547
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Whilst most grad students live in their own little world the economy does effect them -- no more free food! Why are post-docs invisible? Why can you never find your advisor when you need something? All these questions and more and answered in this hilarious book. Jorge Cham continues the brilliant Piled Higher and Deeper comic with this fourth collection of strips.


Author: Jorge Cham
Series: Piled Higher and Deeper, Book 3
Paperback: 159 pages
ISBN: 0972169539
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If, like me, you have ever spent over a year working on a paper only for someone else to publish the same ideas just as you submit your manuscript then this book is for you. Jorge Cham makes even this depressing situation seem funny in this the third collection of Piled Higher and Deeper comic strips. Required reading therapy for researchers everywhere!

The Tangle Box

Author: Terry Brooks
Series: Magic Kingdom of Landover, Book 4
Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN: 0099255510
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It seems that being king of Landover is never easy but the return of banished conjurer and confidence trickster, Horris Kew, shouldn't have been more than a slight annoyance. It doesn't take long, however, before the king goes missing and the land descends quickly into anarchy.

Life Is tough and Then You Graduate

Author: Jorge Cham
Series: Piled Higher and Deeper, Book 2
Paperback: 152 pages
ISBN: 0972169520
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Being a graduate student is hard work. Graduating is even harder. Fortunately, Jorge Cham saves the day with this second hilarious collection of Piled Higher and Deeper comic strips. Why write your thesis when you can spend the day happily procrastinating!

Piled Higher and Deeper

Author: Jorge Cham
Series: Piled Higher and Deeper, Book 1
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN: 0972169504
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Thinking about graduate education? Then this collection of comics tells you everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the years of low pay and hard work. Already a graduate student? The chances are you will recognise all the characters in this book and sympathise with most of them all whilst laughing yourself silly! This book is a guide for new students, therapy for the old hands, and a must read for all!