Night Fall

Author: Nelson DeMille
Series: John Corey, Book 3
Paperback: 577 pages
ISBN: 0751531804
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The official report into the loss of TWA flight 880 was mechanical failure. After attending a memorial service for the victims, John Corey is introduced to a number of people who refuse to believe the official explanation. It doesn't take Corey long to start digging into the accident, especially after he is warned off by his superiors. One clue leads to another and before long Corey is, as usual, neck deep in a trouble!

The Lion's Game

Author: Nelson DeMille
Series: John Corey, Book 2
Paperback: 850 pages
ISBN: 0751528234
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Having been forcibly retired from the NYPD, John Corey is now working for the Anti-Terrorist Task Force. When a routine assignment to meet a defector goes tragically wrong Corey and his boss Kate Mayfield set of across America on the bloody trail of the Lion, an international terrorist with a score to settle.

Plum Island

Author: Nelson DeMille
Series: John Corey, Book 1
Paperback: 574 pages
ISBN: 075152185X
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NYPD homicide detective John Corey is recovering at his uncles waterfront house on Long Island having been shot in the line of duty. When his new friends Tom and Judy are found shot dead on their patio Corey is pulled into the investigation. What starts out looking like a bungled burglary quickly turns into an issue of national security.