Map Of A Nation

Author: Rachel Hewitt
Hardback: 436 pages
ISBN: 9781847080981
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Today we all take accurate maps for granted, but you don't have to look back too far into the history of the British Isles to find a time when maps were either inaccurate or simply didn't exist. The long road to the production of the first set of Ordnance Survey maps of Britain took over two hundred years and was supervised by some extraordinary figures. This book documents this journey from the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden to the completion of the first series in 1870.

Note that the number of pages is misleading. Of the 436 pages almost a quarter (109 pages) are taken up with notes and references. This isn't actually surprising given the scholarly nature of the work, but can come as something of a surprise!

Dan Cruickshank's Bridges

Author: Dan Cruickshank
Hardback: 384 pages
ISBN: 9780007318186
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Ever since man first toppled a tree in order to cross a stream bridges have served an important role in human travel and communication. In this fascinating book Dan Cruickshank charts the changes in bridge design and construction from Roman times to today's mega-bridges, whilst explaining the role of the bridge in human society. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly written this book is a joy to read.

The Wall: Rome's Greatest Frontier

Author: Alistair Moffat
Paperback: 270 pages
ISBN: 9781841587899
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Even today Hadrian's wall, in places, is a formidable barrier. Making use of the natural terrain and with a large stone wall, defensive ditch, and numerous forts, nearly 2000 years ago this would have been an impenetrable barrier for those without permission to cross. In this book Alistair Moffat provides well researched descriptions of the state of Roman Britain, from the early conquests through the building of the wall to the end of the Roman Empire, answering such questions as why was the wall needed, why was it built where it was, how was it built, and many more.

The Pére~Lachaise Mystery

Author: Claude Izner
Series: The Victor Legris Mysteries, Book 2
Paperback: 306 pages
ISBN: 9781906040048
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It is March 1890 and bookshop owner Victor Legris is once more thrown into danger as he investigates the disappearance of his former lover, Odette de Valois, from the Pére~Lachaise cemetery. At first he thinks that Odette may simlpy have taken off with her new lover, but as the body count starts to rise it becomes clear that something much more sinister is going on.