The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

Author: George Johnson
Paperback: 192 pages
ISBN: 9780099464587
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Science didn't always cost millions of dollars and require hundreds of scientists. Science used to revolve around simple, elegant and beautiful experiments. From balls rolling down hills, through rainbows of light to electrified frogs-legs science has progressed through experiments that everyone can understand. In this book George Johnson walks us through what he considers the ten most beautiful experiments of all time.

A Natural History of St Kilda

Author: John A. Love
Paperback: 351 pages
ISBN: 1841587974
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There are a number of books devoted to the human history of St Kilda, the most remote community of the British Isles, but few concentrate on the wildlife that inhabits the archipelago. In this fantastic book John A. Love discusses the varied wildlife that has made St Kilda it's home since the last ice-age. Drawing on both historical accounts and personal observations this book covers the geology, plants, insects, birds, mammals and marine life of St Kilda, paying special attention to St Kilda's unique species of wren and mouse.

James Allen On F1 - 2009: A Revolutionary Year

Author: James Allen
Paperback: 246 pages
ISBN: 0956418708
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2009 was a truly strange year in Formula 1. Perennial front-runners, Ferrari and McLaren, found themselves well off the pace, whilst last years back markers, Honda, were reborn as Brawn GP and surged to both the drivers and constructors championships. The one thing that didn't change was James Allen's fantastic reporting. This book collects together the major blog postings James made over the year and gives a fascinating glimpse of a brilliant year in F1.

Witches' Brew

Author: Terry Brooks
Series: Magic Kingdom of Landover, Book 5
Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN: 0099601818
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Having escaped from the Tangle Box, Ben Holiday, High Lord of Landover, now has an even harder challenge to face -- parenthood. Of course living in a magical kingdom means that things don't quite goes as expected. Before he knows what is happening his daughter is two going on 10 and in more trouble than she realises. Throw in a few monsters and some misdirected magic and chaos reigns once more in Landover.