At Home

Author: Bill Bryson
Hardback: 536 pages
ISBN: 9780385608275
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In this fascinating book Bill Bryson visits each room in his house to discover the history behind the rooms function and furnishings. We take so much of our history for granted that we never consider how much developments in architecture, food preservation, electricity, paints etc. contribute to the layout and function of our everyday homes. Bryson attempts to rectify this in his own unique and engaging style.

First King Of Shannara

Author: Terry Brooks
Series: Shannara, Book 10
Hardback: 489 pages
ISBN: 0099601915
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Dark forces under the Warlock Lord are massing in the Northlands, the Druids have removed themselves from everyday life and the people of the Four Lands are woefully unprepared for the coming war. Only a renegade Druid, Bremen, can understand and appreciate the darkness that will fall across the world should the Warlock Lord leave the Northlands. Can Bremen summon enough help in time to defeat evil and protect the Four Lands?

One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 6
Hardback: 385 pages
ISBN: 9780340963074
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War is about to break out across the bookworld, and only the diplomatic skills of Jurisfiction agent Thursday Next can deliver peace. Unfortunately she has gone missing. Into the breach steps the written Thursday Next, can she prevent all out war, can she find the real Thursday before it's too late?

First Among Sequels

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 5
Hardback: 395 pages
ISBN: 9780340835753
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Fourteen years have passed since we last met Thursday Next. Her son is now a sixteen year old slacker who refuses to help save the world, there is a huge stupidity surplus and cheese smuggling is still making Thursday's life difficult. To make matters worse Reality Book shows look set to destroy popular literature forever. Can Thursday get her lazy son out of bed before lunch and can she save the Bennets from eviction in the first round of popular voting?

Something Rotten

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 4
Paperback: 393 pages
ISBN: 0340825952
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Having been caught smuggling cheese into Swindon from Wales, literary dectective Thursday Next is now unemployed in the real world. In the bookworld, however, she is struggling to force Hamlet to attend his conflict resolution classes. Most worryingly of all her husband, Landen, still doesn't exist anywhere but in her own memories.

The Well Of Lost Plots

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 3
Paperback: 360 pages
ISBN: 0340825936
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Literary Detective and Jurisfiction Agent Thursday Next is pregnant, the only problem is that her husband no longer exists and only she can remember him. Not wanting to battle the evil Goliath Corporation while pregnant Thursday partakes in a character exchange programme and hides out in the Well of Lost Plots where all fiction is created. However, not everything in the bookworld is idyllic, the book system is due to be upgraded and as the date of the upgrade looms jurisfiction agents start mysteriously disappearing, a minotaur gets lose and the mispeling vyrus starts eating it's way through a forgotten fantasy novel. Can Thursday save the bookworld before it's too late?

Lost In A Good Book

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 2
Paperback: 372 pages
ISBN: 0340733578
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Having saved Jane Eyre, literary detective Thursday Next continues her adventures from both sides of the page. In the bookworld she finds herself helping Miss Havisham as a trainee at jurisfiction, while in the real world someone has killed her husband, although no one else even remembers she was married. As ever the Goliath Corporation seem to be involved in everything, can Thursday outwit them to recover her husband and maintain the integrity of the written word?

The Eyre Affair

Author: Jasper Fforde
Series: Thursday Next, Book 1
Paperback: 373 pages
ISBN: 034073356X
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In an alternative reality it is 1985 and literary detective Thursday Next has to save Jane Eyre. Criminal mastermind Acheron Hades, has kidnapped Jane Eyre from within the pages of her novel and is threatening to destroy one of the country's best loved books. Thursday must attempt to repair the damage before it's too late as well as looking after her pet dodo, trying to end the Crimean war and finding a husband. Will literature ever be the same again?