Britannia: 100 Documents That Shaped A Nation

Author: Graham Stewart
Hardback: 434 pages
ISBN: 9780857400222
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A nation as old as Britain is defined by it's history. Whilst many things have contribute to the history of Britain today their traces are seen in the documents that have survived to record the past. In this book Graham Stewart tells the story of a nation through 100 documents that have shaped, and continue to influence society. Not everyone who reads this book will agree with the 100 documents, but all are interesting and enlightening in one way or another.

The Coffin Trail

Author: Martin Edwards
Series: Lake District Mystery, Book 1
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN: 9780749082918
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Moving to the country is meant to be relaxing, but for Daniel Kind and his partner Miranda, their move to the Lake District brings not contentment but murder. Whilst looking into his families own past Daniel stirs up a long period crime and soon the peaceful village at the end of the Coffin Trail is once again providing a steady flow of corpses.

Slaughter On A Snowy Morn

Author: Colin Evans
Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN: 9781848311657
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We live in a society were we are used to expert witnesses having to actually be experts in their field, and to laws that restrict the evidence that can be introduced. This wasn't always the case and numerous innocent people were imprisoned solely on account of junk science. This fascinating book highlights one such case where in 1916 an innocent man came to within minutes of the death penalty before the science used to convict him was shown to be wrong and the "expert" witnesses was shown to be anything but an expert.