The Dinosaur Feather

Author: Sissel-Jo Gazan
Paperback: 536 pages
ISBN: 9780857380333
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Anna, already stressed by her upcoming PhD defense, is suddenly plunged into the middle of a murder case when her supervisor Professor Lars Hellend is found murdered. Now as well as finessing her argument that birds are modern day dinosaurs she has to fight the demons from her past before the entire university department disappears or turns up dead.

Puppets In Yorkshire

Author: Walter Wilkinson
Hardback: 245 pages
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During the 1920's and 1930's Walter Wilkinson toured his Punch and Judy show throughout England and the wider world. In this delightful little book he recounts his travels one summer through Yorkshire. After having journeyed from London via train he alights at Gainsborough before pulling his show north to Hull, then East to York and North to Richmond. Whenever a village green presents itself out comes the show to entertain the locals. A fascinating window onto a long forgotten past.

The Maul And The Pear Tree

Author: P. D. James and T. A. Critchley
Paperback: 372 pages
ISBN: 9780571258086
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P.D. James is best known as a writer of crime fiction. In this interesting book, along with T.A. Critchley, she turns her eye to solving a real murder case. During December of 1811 two households were rocked by violent murders. With the public baying for blood the police arrested seaman John Williams. Williams was convicted of the murders and executed. While no other murders occurred the evidence against Williams was circumstantial at best. Was he the killer, or just another victim?