Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years

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It's 2007 and Adrian Mole is rapidly approaching forty. He lives in a converted pigsty, he still can't get anyone to publish his writings, the shop he works in is struggling to survive and his wife is becoming increasingly fed up with her marriage. Is he destined for unhappiness (again) or can his old flame Pandora Braithwaite save him?

Long Time Coming

Author: Robert Goddard
Paperback: 525 pages
ISBN: 9780552156820
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Eldritch Swan is dead, or so his nephew Stephen has always believed. Edlritch isn't dead though, he has just spent the last 36 years in an Irish prison and when he turns up out-of-the-blue having been released Stephen is naturally cautious. What was he locked up for? What does it have to do with a collection of Picasso paintings? Will Stephen ever find out the truth?

The Highland Clearances

Author: Eric Richards
Paperback: 486 pages
ISBN: 9781841585420
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When one thinks of Scottish history, the Highland Clearances stand out as a dark time in the nations past. Emotions ran high (on both sides) and this has often coloured our view of the clearances. In this brilliant book Eric Richards sets out to give a balanced appraisal of events. Were landlords really as despicable as people claim? Was there really large scale suffering in the highlands? These questions and many more are discussed and answered in riveting detail.

Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers

Author: Alan L. Detrick
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN: 9780881928907
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Taking good macro photographs is hard. Unlike landscapes and portraits where a quick press of the shutter usually results in a passable photo, taking even reasonable macro photos requires skill. This book, by Alan L. Detrick, walks you through many of the skills you will need for macro photography focusing on taking nature photos. Most of us have a easily accessible garden somewhere close by and these are ideal for macro photography. Easy to read and filled with wonderful images, a great book.