Mr Briggs' Hat

Author: Kate Colquhoun
Hardback: 282 pages
ISBN: 9781847443694
Recommendation: would read again
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Just before 10am on the 9th of July 1864 two bank clerks entered a first class train carriage only to find it spattered with blood. The carriage was empty apart from an ivory topped walking stick, and empty leather bag and a hat. Later that evening an unconscious and badly injured body was found on the railway line and although a doctor was called Thomas Briggs died and became the first person to be murdered in a railway carriage. The only clue to the identity of his killer was the hat, as it didn't belong to the victim.

The Other

Author: David Guterson
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN: 9780747596202
Recommendation: enjoyed
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In 1972 Neil Countryman and John William Barry, two teenage boys from from different backgrounds, meet and start a life long friendship. As they get older Neil follows the American dream while John William drops out of society and makes a new life for himself deep in the woods. Only Neil knows where his friend has retreated to but will he keep the secret come what may?