If I Did It

Author: OJ Simpson, Kim Goldman, Pablo F. Fenjves, Dominick Dunne
Hardback: 202 pages
ISBN: 9781906142087
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Both a civil and a criminal trial have sought to uncover exactly what happened on the night of June 12th 1994 that resulted in the death of both Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Nicole's ex-husband OJ Simpson walked away a free man from the criminal trial but was found responsible in the civil case. In November of 2006 it was announced that OJ Simpson whilst still protesting his innocence had written a book detailing how he would have committed the crimes if he had been responsible. This was met by outrage from the public and the family of Ron Goldman, who successfully sued for the rights to the book. They have now published the book so that the world can read for themselves the murder confession of OJ Simpson.