Icons of England

Editor: Bill Bryson
Paperback: 351 pages
ISBN: 9780552776356
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In this highly interesting book Bill Bryon goes in search of the "icons of England". This isn't, however, a book by Bill Bryson but rather short descriptions from over ninety people of their personal icons of England. This makes for a very eclectic book from some very well known people. Whatever you personally like about England you are sure to find a like minded soul in this book.


I haven't read it but I came across the website while I was holidaying at Helen's and we had a long discussion about it. My resulting posting on the subject got a few interesting comments. Looks like a book for my wishlist, I think.

I definitely think it would be your kind of book!

Given it's subject and being edited by Bill Bryson I'm actually surprised you haven't read it before.