The Cobra Event

Author:Richard Preston
Paperback: 440 pages
ISBN: 0752817124
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When Kate left home to go to school she thought she was getting the flu. Four hours later she is racked by convulsions and starts to chew on her own fingers. Fortunately, within minutes she is dead. Shortly afterwards a dead homeless man is discovered who also seems to have bitten himself. Before long it is clear that a new and deadly virus is at large. Alice Austen, has never seen such an efficient killer, but can she, and the rest of the CDC task force, unravel it's secrets and track down it's source before it is too late?


Sounds Michael Crichton-ish. How would you rate it?

Yeah it is similar to some of Michael Crichton's books. If I was a star person I think I'd give it 5 out of 5. Well worth a read. It's out of print but I picked my copy up second hand through Amazon for £1.50