Did I Like That Book?

When I first started this blog I made the decision not to give a star rating or any other classification to the books. It's not that I was being lazy but rather that rating a book in such a way is such a subjective task and I wasn't sure how relevant my ratings would be to anyone else. My hope was that my enthusiasm (or lack of) for a book would come through in the wording of the blurb I wrote. This probably works reasonably well for non-fiction, but it's harder to do when writing a blurb for a novel.

From now on I'm going to rate each book I write about, however, I'm still not going to use a star rating. Books will now be categorized as either; wouldn't recommend, enjoyed, would read again, or have read before. Hopefully these broader categories will be more transferable to other people than a star rating system, especially as it will be easy for me to decided which category a book should fall into. Hopefully this will please those readers who want to know more about what I felt about a book, but if you think I should use different categories or have any other suggestions then please do leave a comment.