Author: Karin Slaughter
Series: Georgia Stories, Book 11
Hardback: 400 pages
ISBN: 978-1846057946
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Special Agent Faith Mitchell, of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, has left her baby daughter Emma with her mother, Ex-Atlanta Police chief Evelyn Mitchell, while she attends a training course. Faith arrives back at the house to find it has been ransacked. There is plenty of blood but no sign of her mother, while Emma has been locked in the outside shed. Can Faith and her partner Will Trent unravel Evelyn's past to find her before it is too late?


I enjoy your precis (is that the plural?) of books but would appreciate your giving them a personal touch by adding a 'how they rated' in your view. I know that is very much a matter of opinion but knowing a bit about your tastes I would find it helpful.

It's such a subjective thing that when I first started this blog I decided I wouldn't do a star rating. What I might do is start adding a categorization along the lines of: wouldn't recommend, enjoyed, would read again.

Would that help, or would you really prefer a star rating? If you are happy with categories how would you split them up or would those three suffice?

I think your "wouldn't recommend, enjoyed, would read again" would be a lot easier to cope with - and a lot more sensible - than my star rating which even I get confused by and find hard to do at times.

The three categories would be ideal and I can't think of any better ones.

Right, I'll start adding those categories to new posts -- I've got 33 posts to write before I catch up!